Would you like to get rid of obstacles or challenges in your life and create a clear pathway for success and abundance on all levels?  I invite you to experience the benefits of applying Feng Shui to your life. 

I am Casey Hammer with Dragon Devas Feng Shui Consulting.  After graduating from the Western School of Feng Shui and completing several years of Advanced Training Programs, I am a licensed Feng Shui Practitioner.  This is defined as arranging your environment to enhance the quality of your life. 

Since everything has energy, a life force which the Ancients call "Chi", everything is therefore alive, connected and always changing. My knowledge is used to make sure that the "Chi" in your surroundings can flow freely through your environment avoiding all blocks.  These blocks or clutter can cause delays and stagnant energy, which ultimately restrict growth.  By clearing the clutter along with using the "5 Elements" and laying the "Bagua Map" to balance your environment and helping you focus and direct your intentions, you too can have an amazingly full and abundant life.

My goal is to correct imbalances in your life and attract positive changes as well as creating a better and more powerful life and maximizing your destiny.  Helping to strengthen and clarify your intentions and visualizations will inevitably create more powerful results. 

I work uniquely with each client to create their own personal space based on their individual needs, preferences, and intentions.  My approach is simple and practical so that bringing harmony into the client’s environment is an enjoyable as well as effective experience.  It is very rewarding for me in forming a partnership with my clients to help them see their current environment through their newly opened, Feng Shui eyes.  I derive great pleasure in empowering people to help themselves by correcting inconsistencies in their environment and attracting positive changes to their lives. 

Remember, your environment is a direct reflection of who you are, both your inner and outer worlds.....


Casey Hammer